To listen to this webinar, please click on the image above. A new window will open. Thanks to Orient Capital for providing this webinar recording.

This webinar was recorded on Tuesday, 3 December at Ashurst during our Breakfast Briefing where we reviewed regulatory changes around custody and settlement including a discussion of:  

1 US Securities laws 

-Regulation S including Category Analysis

           -Investment Company Act and Common Exemptions including Section 3(c)(7)  and Section 3(c)(1)

          -Cross Border Tender Offer Rules including Tier I and Tier II

2 Disclosing vs. non-disclosing markets

          -The process of shareholder identification

          -Look-through analysis

          -SRD II

3 The process of Bondholder/GDR identification 


Edward Bibko, General Counsel – EMEA, Jefferies

Paolo Casamassima, Head of Global Market Intelligence, Orient Capital

Eric Stuart, Partner – US Securities, Ashurst 

Damian Watkin, Director, DF King Ltd. 

Daniel Winterfeldt, Global Capital Markets Partner, Reed Smith

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